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Activites are what define our presence in the region. Browse the list below for projects of interest. Note the tags that show topic, and note also the status of the projects.

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This project implements recommendations of the National Recovery Plan for Neochmia evangelinae, the White-bellied Crimson Finch (WBCF), or “our little red bird” as it is fondly known to locals. 

The project is designed to engage and up-skill people in the remote Aboriginal community of Kowanyama.

Status: Active

Setting priorities for managing and monitoring Black-throated Finches and other threatened Finches in the Mitchell River Catchment

Status: Active | Tags: conservation

The project trained Indigenous rangers of Kowanyama to help them to manage and monitor habitat and numbers of the Endangered White-bellied Crimson Finch (WBCF). The training included bird recognition, understanding habitat needs in relation to the impacts of fire, livestock, pigs, weeds and management effort, plus outcome monitoring.

Status: Past | Tags: conservation crimson-finch Kowanyama

Water and Soil quality testing program to help provide better irrigation options on the Arriga Plains.

Status: Active

Collection of low-level aerial images up the Palmer and Mitchell. Useful for overview of land condition and mining impacts.

Status: Active

We are acting in the leadership role to co-ordinate action to control and reduce the Koster's curse infestation centred at Julatten.
Status: Active | Tags: weeds, Koster's curse

We have been active in lobbying for Tilapia exclusion screens to slow the spread fo this pest fish down the catchment.

Status: Active | Tags: ferals

A Queensland government Everyone’s Environment enabled us to carry out weed control projects in the catchment, especially the mapping and control of bellyache bush on the Palmer and Walsh Rivers.

Status: Past | Tags: weeds

A Community Landcare Grant funded a series of four land management workshops with Traditional Owners, graziers and other land managers throughout the catchment.

Status: Past | Tags: grazing

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