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Climate Week Dinner a success in Mount Molloy

About 30 folk gathered for the Climate Week Dialogue over Dinner in Molloy on Sunday night. Dinner was scrumptious and the conversation was free-flowing and constructive. Special thanks to Ying Tee and her faithful companion Vicki Cherry for their delicious talents.

The menu was a political statment in itself:

- fresh local ingredients

- prepared consciously and with deep care

- served beautifully

DInner together was used as the "ritual framing" to suppor twhat could be a difficult conversation. By brining people together over a meal, a sense of common connection was gently established without the need to villify any other group of people.

Attendees ranged from little ones (age 5) to ancient ones (over 80!). Here's a walk around the table:

Topics included the usual issues such as the importance of a low meat diet, vegetarianism, or even veganism. It was noted that as a community we could be more open and inclusive of people as they transition toward lower-impact lifestyles. This needs to be done while respecting the epople who currently make their living from things like beef production, coal mining, and money management.

A moment of peace was offered with a singing bowl transitting around the room.

And the first public rendition of "The Apple, the Egg, and the Smile" was presented. See below for the presentation:

And Peter Brown finished the evening off with a stirring speech that encouraged everyone to cool the earth by planting some trees.


Thanks to Qld Department of Environment and Science for providing funding to Northern Gulf, and Mitchell River to put the event on.

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