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2018 Committee elected

(L-R: Ian Adcock-Director; Allan Holmes-Chair; Cheryl Emmerson-Treasurer; John Brisbin-Secretary; Bill Bray-Vice Chair)

Starting at the top

This year saw a change of leadership at the head of the Mitchell River Watershed Management Group as Ian Adcock stepped aside after a decade at the helm. Ian was warmly thanked by members for his exemplary conduct in the office of Chair. The members unanimously supported Ian staying on the Executive Committee as a Director. Thus, Ian will continue his 22 years of service to the Mitchell on into the future!

Taking over from Ian is Allan Holmes. Allan has been serving on the Mitchell River committee for the past several years. More generally, Allan's record of service to the region is nearly as impressive as Ian's. Allan brings a career spanning 4 decades in the region, combining his role as field officer for DPI, property management on the Cape, election as Mareeba Shire Councillor, organiser for the Laura Races, committee memebr for the Mareeba Turf Club, Treasurer of the Gulf Cattleman's Association, and terms as Director and Executive Officer of Northern Gulf Resource Management Group. He also is developing a talent and enhusiasm for breeding Gouldian finches!

A big congratulations to Allan for stepping up to receive the baton from Ian and continue leading organisation forward.

Supporting crew

Members were pleased to install long-term environmental advocate Bill Bray as Vice Chair. Bill is well-known for his insights to the political landscape and is active in a number of projects dedicated toward a sustainable, equitable society.

Likewise, we were very pleased to welcome Cheryl Emmerson back to her role as Treasurer. Cheryl has a history of assisting small organisations to find their feet and get onto solid financial gound. Her passion for the bush and the beautiful Mitchell River region beams forth.

Completeing the ticket is John Brisbin who was returned to the Secretary role. John has continued to grow his connections in the region and has big ambitions for an environmental economy that will support living landscapes and local livelihoods across the Mitchell.

Annual papers

Please see downloads below for the Chair's message and Financial reports.

Special projects

Abattoir Swamp     Sentinel network