Critical water flow research underway

Disturbance area: Palmer

Mitchell River will host scientists in the catchment this year as part of the National Environmental Science Program (NESP)

This research will improve  understanding of the critical flow needs to sustain freshwater ecosystems in the Mitchell River catchment. Key activities will be:

  • Identifying and mapping ‘hot spots’ of freshwater primary production within the Mitchell river floodplain
  • Improving understanding of the importance of these high priority areas for sustaining fish populations and other aquatic species
  • Identifying other flow-dependent ecological assets in the Mitchell River and how they are likely to be impacted by water resource development
  • Increasing confidence in water planning for river catchments in the Gulf thanks to an improved understanding of ecological assets and their critical links to flow.

 The study is being undertaken by the Northern Australia Environmental Resources Hub headed by Prof. Stuart Bunn, Griffith Uni with the support of CSIRO and other collaborative organisations.



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